Conference Speakers & Session Information


Heather Day is Progressive’s Agency Sales and Distribution General Manager leads the Progressive sales organization as well as the agency experience teams.  Her organization is focused on helping you develop growth strategies and tactics to win new customers and retain existing ones in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Heather is a 13-year Progressive veteran with a background across product management, product development and marketing roles.  Most recently Heather led the agency property field sales and process teams.   She earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Miami University, her MA in International Relations from USC and her MBA from Wharton.

Independent Agency Channel Trends and Opportunities

Heather will share her thoughts on the state of the independent agency channel, including insights about market trends like mergers and acquisitions and the rise of large agencies, the outlook on smaller, local agencies, and the key role independent agents will continue to play as trusted advisors in the industry.


Tim Parenti began his career with the Allstate Insurance Company as a Senior Manager overseeing Operations, Customer Service, Information Technology and Training.  He went on to lead one of the world’s premier consulting and training organizations with operations in over 50 countries around the world.  At the time of Tim’s departure, he was the #2 Producer in the history of their organization.

In addition to sales, Tim was involved in the research, design and facilitation of material designed to improve the overall ability, performance and productivity of hundreds of organizations in a variety of different industry concentrations.  Over a 19+ year period, over 150,000 people in a variety of positions including Mid-Level Managers, Presidents and CEO’s have benefited from his material.

Whether it’s Sales, Leadership, Change Management, Performance Management, Negotiating, Strategic Planning, Employee Engagement, Customer Service, or Target Interviewing – Tim’s strengths lie in helping address the real challenges that confront businesses on a daily basis.

Your Personal Velocity

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?  They work at an incredible rhythm and pace with minimal distraction and total focus.  The question is, “How did they get this way?”  Is it just in their DNA?  The answer is Habits.  They have pre-identified the necessary habits they needed to acquire and then integrate those habits to drive their personal and business goals.

This session will explore the scientific understanding Habits, how they’re formed and the key drivers of habit development.  Understanding the connection of Emotional Intelligence coupled with Will Power, guests will walk away with the framework to help develop the key habits needed to attain goal clarity and purpose.


The Mind / Body / Health “Connection”

This session will explore how “Attitudinal Strength” affects our mental toughness and our performance. Using real-world examples, coupled with Epigenetic scientific evidence, this unique perspective will present sound practices to help manage our Attitudes to improve our financial, physical and mental well-being.


Kathy Fraley, CIC has spent more than 30 years in the agents and carrier ranks. Her career stated in underwriting and ved to the agency side.  She retired and then decided to go back to work as the Director of the Service Center for Travelers.

Kathy retired after 28 years from Propel/Bratrud Insurance, as a partner, where she held the position of Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations located in the Pacific Northwest.   She developed a passion for the industry and feels, it is important to give back to the industry by teaching. She specializes in employment practices and commercial lines.

She is also an Education Consultant in Oregon and Washington and Instructor with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research CIC program.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know | 3 CE WA

Much can be said about factors leading to increased claims on the specializations of services, diversity of policies and complexity of forms. Kathy will go into detail identifying key impacts of specific coverage's vs. societies expectations. The facts of an issue and exposure in relation to legal duties and industry standards. State laws, regulation and oral/written contracts and agreements in relation to policy setup, endorsements offered, explanation of policy forms and special policies that agents and agencies need to know to avoid exposure to protect themselves, their responsibilities and uncover exposures that can lead to litigation.

Ethical Solutions for Insurance Professionals | 3 CE WA

This interactive session engages participants on ethical behavior and how it relates to insurance law, customer service, account development, government regulations and errors & omissions.

    Jerry Kennedy, CIC owns and manages an agency in Grand Coulee, Washington. His interest in the technical aspects of the industry prompted him to become an instructor more than 30 years ago. Jerry serves on the National Faculty for the Society of Certified Insurance Councelors and Education Consultant for The National Alliance Education & Research CIC program. He specializes in personal lines.

Personal Lines Hot Topics | 3 CE WA

Jerry will spend time on multiple topics that we face each day as agents and consumers. Here are just a few:  Life Sharing, Business Use and the Personal Auto Policy, Auto liability Concerns, Electronic and Custom Equipment, Valuation Issues int he Personal Auto Policy, Personal Auto coverage for Car Rental, Vehicle Sharing, Social Media Exposures, Social Host Exposures, Building Codes and Going Green, Business at Home and Condominium Conundrums.

Troubles with Toys | 3 CE WA

We all want to have fun, but just how much fun we can have when our toys can put us at exposure's we've never thought of? Jerry delves into off road motor vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Motor cycles, water craft, drone aircraft and all things associated with liability and  homeowner coverage's for all of our toys.